Call for Solidarity for Commander X and his lovely dogs!

Call for Solidarity for Commander X and his lovely dogs!

Commander X’s four-legged family needs our support! While their father is illegally hold in Santa Rita prison, we as his extended family can help to take good care of his dearest ones. Everyone having a dog, knows how heart breaking it is to be away from them. It is one thing less to worry for him, knowing that they have all they need. They are now in good hands and loving care.

Having dogs comes with costs, known and unexpected ones. We are asking you to donate to the friends of Commander X support fund. While he doesn’t need funding for his lawyer dudes, his loved ones need our support.

Thank you! #FreeCommanderX

20th July Action Day for Commander X

20th July Action Day for Commander X

12 noon
Federal Courthouse
San Jose, CA
Robert F. Pecham federal building
280 South First st.

On 20th July is the first Court appearance of Christophe Doyon, Commander X. An innocent Human Rights activist, who stood up for the homeless and the vulnerable in Santa Cruz, Peace camp in 2010. Years later he is kidnapped from Mexico, where he had been granted Asylum status. In cooperation with the US and Mexican Governments.

Criminalisation of defending human rights, is part of larger scale Governments crack down on people, standing up for justice. One of the many reasons why Commander X’s arrest deserves a global outcry. Both countries committed an international human rights crime by breaking his Asylum status. Commander X has committed no crime. Freedom of expression and assembly, digital or physical is not a crime.
While the US, the state of California is pushing homeless people further down on social ladder, through prohibitions of sleeping under the blanket, some homeless people are freezing to death. It is clear we need to stand up for the vulnerable, the people are now even worse off than ten years ago. Together we, the people must continue defending human rights, unlike the Governments who have lost all the ability to think and act humanly at all.

If Commander X is convicted, it is throwing everyone’s rights to jail, the right to protest on the streets or digital world, right to do what humans do, stand up for humanity.

If you are outside the US, protest in front of the US or Mexican Embassy on the 20th July in your country. Take your friends and family with you, stand in solidarity with Commander X. Print the flier and let the whole world know how the US justice system violates human rights!

Please take action against injustice. Stand in solidarity with Commander X! To keep our rights to protest, help the vulnerable, the system has failed, Commander X must be free!

The Idea – The uncontrollable existence

The Idea – The uncontrollable existence

What frightens the establishment most, are people without a structured organization. A collective/movement, that cannot be controlled with finances, because there isn’t any. People are afraid of everything that is out of their control. Especially the governments who’s aim is to control everything and everyone.

“We don’t need to know who you are, for you to earn our trust and loyalty.”
When values are uniting people, everything else fades away. Commander X gave his unconditional loyalty to persons he never met. In return he earned the trust and loyalty from others. The passion to fight against injustice is stronger than the need to know who your fellow comrades are. It’s also a bullet proof protection, because what you don’t know remains just a guess.

This is one of the reasons the US Government and justice department are after everyone today. First, they took Assange, now Commander X. A journalist who wasn’t afraid for publishing the truth and an activist, who wasn’t afraid to stand up against the injustice inflicted worldwide by the powerful.

The Governments everywhere are trying to take control on our internet, decide what news people have access to, what they can stream and what they can’t. Like the Anonymous Bites Back Show, that suddenly doesn’t stream from Canada. The whole rapid development of censorship and regulations should scare us, this is what the establishment hopes to achieve, silence us all, by taking away and restricting our main platforms. The harder they try, the more ways we will create to get around them.

The International Human Rights Criminals US & Mexico
The US Justice Department committed a International Human Rights Crime with Mexico when illegally extraditing Commander X. There was nonextradition court case in Mexico, that lifted his Asylum status. Like thieves in the night, they kidnapped X, made him sign documents, without representation of an attorney or giving time to understand the content. The Justice systems illegal actions exposed how little anyone has any rights left in Western world. We have arrived to a point where governments do whatever they want, out of control, having wolves supervising the other wolves.

The extradition and arrest of Commander X, is creating an urgency on everything we do, from this point onwards. There is not much time, and we are taking part on race with the authoritarian regimes. The not great G7 and other war mongering bastards, having little regard or respect to human lives.

Everyone has the right to defence
Commander X’s legal fund raiser was deleted by (The inequality of GoFundMe – GoFundMe mostly works for the rich

Human rights defenders and activists are vulnerable because their work isn’t paid for. When arrested, like Commander X, they have urgent need for defence funds. Platforms like GoFundMe, are discriminating people, like any business entity. Deleting fundraisers and censoring who has access to use their services as they want. People using significant amount of their time to fight for the rights of the others are suffering further injustice, unless the lawyers, good and famous ones would also turn to “activists” and true human rights defenders. Serving for higher values, bigger good, rather than cashing out the people already in vulnerable position.

Commander X needs the best defence lawyer available in US. Whoever takes his case, even in Pro Bono bases, would make a stance for standing up for what is right. It might not be paid work, but in the end, the best salary we can receive, isn’t in monetary means. What counts is what good we did and how we were taking part on something bigger, a knowledge defending the right of the innocent and not leave anyone behind, only for lack of funds.

I hope there is a lawyer who sees this as something bigger, a service to the humanity and step closer to end the injustice of US Justice System. Being Anonymous is not a crime, it is passionate believe that we, alone or together can make the world more human and meaningful, equal and free of corruption.

He is not a criminal, but a person who cared for people the society had failed to help. Santa Cruz is getting famous of criminalizing homelessness too. Clearing homeless camps leaving people nowhere to go. The establishment can clear the camp, but it doesn’t clear the social inequalities in the US. Only people like Commander X, and others who care more for humanity, than large earnings can help to close the gap between the poor and the rich.

Twitterstorm 19.6.2021 Censorship

Twitterstorm 19.6.2021 Censorship

Censorship and Oppression of Freedom of Speech – The US Government’s war on Human Rights!

Twitter applied unprecedented censorship on the Defence campaign main handle on the first day of the Twitterstorm. Restricting activities until one hour before the storm started.

The fundraising campaign in platform got shutdown. Speaking of Government persecution against a Humanitarian Refugee, Commander X, is overly excessive and unjust. Why is the US Government and justice department so worried, so scared about voices of the people?

They renditioned Commander X from Mexico, after all these years, WHY NOW? Why put so much effort on arresting him at this moment, why do they torture him, when the only charge is a DDoS? Is it because of Julian Assange upcoming appeal decision or something to do with the new recommendation to get people snitching on their families and friends.

Commander X’s arrest is an intolerable assault on Human Rights activists, assault on International Human rights laws, providing legal protection to Asylum seekers and those, who have already been granted Asylum.

Denial of Services v Denial of Services – The Online Protest against Injustice

Denial of Services v Denial of Services – The Online Protest against Injustice

Christopher Doyon, (Commander X) is facing up to 17 years in prison for alleged 30 minutes DDoS attack against Santa Cruz County servers. Santa Cruz County gets away in IMPUNITY with, denying access to services of its homeless community. In scale, what is 30 minutes, with few thousand dollars damages, when compared with hundreds of humans’ lives, living on the streets, neglected by Santa Cruz County?

The homeless people are living under constant threat of having their makeshift “homes” removed, police brutality and subject to inhuman degrading treatment by the County. In US, in general the homeless communities have no human rights, no access to medical healthcare or financial support. Their wellbeing is relying on volunteer organizations and people like Commander X, to receive access to bare minimal necessities.

DDoS is an online protest against the injustice, government negligence and human rights abuses. It’s non-violent act, a protest by digital age human rights activists against establishment, who fails to respect human rights and is taking part destroying democracy and justice. Criminalization of DDoS is directly comparable of criminalization of right to freedom of expression, freedom to protest against injustice. How do you criminalize something that is taking a stand against injustice? Commander X is currently tortured in Santa Rita Jail. His “crime” being a human rights activist and defender, who helped the voiceless and the vulnerable.

If there would be a “rule of law”, the impunity of the counties and government must end. The government/county must be held equally accountable for negligence of the citizens. While Billions of dollars are spent on wars, displacing people in Palestine and Yemen, while the US citizens are living on the streets, without access to food, health care and home. The US citizens are paying for wars and not the wellbeing of their community. The US government is misusing public funds, meant to be used for wellbeing of the people, not to facilitate the killing fields in foreign soil.

Twitterstorm #FreeCommanderX

Twitterstorm #FreeCommanderX

The beginning of a long journey… The Defense Campaign is switched ON!

Every Saturday starting from today, people from all over the world are joining together, to demand freedom of Commander X, (Chris Doyon).

Each person who is subject to injustice, cruel, inhuman treatment and/or who has their human rights violated deserves our unconditional solidarity. Regardless if we knew him, liked him or not. We need absolute unity, because there is unity among those, who are after him, after Julian Assange and after us all.

Commander X was illegally extradited from Mexico to US on the 11th June. The reason why Mexican Government allowed his Political Asylum status violation is unknown. We can guess and speculate, but maybe never will know the truth? The fact, it was illegal is enough for everyone, who has sense of right and wrong to join us today.

Commander X is facing up to 17 years prison sentence in US. Since his arrest he has been hold in solitary confinement up to 48 hours at the time and can get out only for one hour, every 48 hours. He has been subject to physical torture and inhuman treatment.

We condemn his extradition, asylum status violation and inhuman treatment. We are asking the US Judicial System immediately release him and Mexican Government to answer for their asylum violation in front of the International Court. Extradition of person to a country where he is facing torture and inhuman treatment, is prohibited by the International laws.

He fought for our freedom and human rights, now it is our turn to fight for his freedom!

Follow for updates: @FreeCommanderX_

Current progress of Defense campaign team

Current progress of Defense campaign team

– Transparency

Step 1: (First 48 hours)

Step 2: (First 24 hours)

  • Activated Anonymous awareness on all platforms. Anonymous decentralized support starts, anons start creating videos, social media pages, events and posts.
  • Activated press contact: [email protected]
  • Activated public chat servers. Activated secure chats on Wire for campaign team.
  • Anonymous Bites Back broadcasts about the situation to give updates started and currently broadcasting daily.

Step 3: (First 48 hours)

  • Lawyer assigned by state and confirmed.
  • Reached out to support lawyer to either take over or offer tech support. Funds available through Gofundme when required.
  • Gofundme is being spread around social media to create grass roots funding campaign.
  • Artwork being created.
  • Helped launch Tweetstorm campaign launched by grass roots campaigners for each Saturday. Created Pastebin with example tweets.
Welcome to the Free Commander X website

Welcome to the Free Commander X website

On June 11, Christopher “Commander X” Doyon was arrested by the Mexican police and extradited to the United States.

According to an indictment, Commander X was part of a series of coordinated cyber attacks following a protest in Santa Cruz, California in 2010.

Within 24 hours after his arrest, Anonymous brothers and sisters started his defense campaign.

The defense team is available at Twitter:

For press inquiries use the e-mail address: [email protected]